Enter Productions is a video production, digital marketing, communications & advertising company. A one-stop solution for all your marketing needs! We help our clients to promote their companies or products on television and online media with unique marketing strategies and communicate with their audience with out of-the-box branding ideas.

From commercials and documentaries to feature films, we are specialized in every genre. Our team produces high-quality video content to ensure client satisfaction even in tight deadlines and challenging circumstances. We will make sure you are getting the right visual & marketing solution.

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Founder & CEO


Niaz Kamran Abir is a Producer, Writer & Director with more than 13 years of experience in the advertising industry. Founder & CEO of Enter Productions & Enter Foods.

"Visual Communication is the single most powerful tool which when properly utilized can bring a company from its lowest to its peak! Marketing & advertising is not just about promoting whatever you wish, wherever you want, it requires an in-depth psychological understanding of your customers and carefully producing unique ideas that will trigger their minds as soon as they see your video commercial.


Every frame I capture speaks itself and every dialogue I write gives life to the characters. Characters that tell your story in their own way.

A unique concept with great storytelling plays a big role in brand awareness. Your customers will re-call your brand again and again only when they are able to connect to a moment that they experienced in their own personal life!


Let's connect & discuss what we can do for your brand!" - Niaz Kamran Abir