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How to promote your business in 5 easy steps plus a bonus tip!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

We all know the power of marketing. A brand’s success & failure can be easily analyzed by looking at its marketing strategies. Let’s say you have launched a new business and you want to reach out to your targeted customers. What are the 5 easy steps to promote your business? Let's discuss.


The first step would be to get a brilliant website. Your website should be simple yet modern, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Most of the companies that have consumer-based services fail due to a lack of understanding of marketing strategies & not caring much about their online presence.

2. CONTENT IS KING: A website is indeed an important part of the marketing process. Once you have a website you need to make sure that you write contents that will connect your audience to your website and eventually create a new customer base. You must hire a professional content writer who has proper SEO knowledge and keyword analyzing ability. Therefore, when someone searches for those services, your company appears at the top of Google's first page. You can contact Enter Productions for SEO services as well as a unique and creative website. We create engaging websites that attract visitors and convert them to customers.

3. VIDEO COMMERCIAL SPREADS LIKE CRAZY: Now it's time that you get a great video for the landing page. Most of the visitors to your company's website will want to know about your company in the quickest possible way and the only way to do it is to get a video that will explain your company's services in less than a minute! By using this tool, you can tell people about your company without wasting their time or expecting them to read every single page on your website. Enter Productions is specialized in video commercials, video documentaries, and short promotional videos for social media platforms. Enter Productions is your best choice if you are looking for a video that looks modern and is industry-standard. Enter Productions is one of the leading video production, advertising & digital marketing companies in Toronto.


Next, you need to spread your company name out there on online platforms. You must have accounts or profiles on social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you come from an entertainment background, Tik Tok is a must! Contact a digital marketing agency that will take care of all your social media posts. Enter Productions is one of Toronto's top digital marketing companies! Enter Productions writes content, designs social media posts, and maintains a continuous online presence on all social media platforms.


So, now you have a website that is professionally made and user-friendly. Also, your company is present on all social media platforms with creative designs and well-written posts. It is time for you to collect and create a list of leads for your company. Do your research and start reaching out to companies by sending emails and calling that person to check if they have received your email. Try to introduce yourself in the shortest possible time and ask them if they have received your email. The very first time you speak with a client, you need to simply introduce yourself, and if the conversation continues, you can explain what you can offer them and make sure that they don’t get annoyed because of your actions. Be smart, talk less, and choose your words carefully. Be sure to provide links to your website and all social media platforms which are now ready for clients to visit.

BONUS TIP: Another bonus tip for you is to connect with people on LinkedIn. It is a powerful strategy that will surely impact your business. Try to search for the department heads or general managers for the department you are interested in providing service for. Connect with them, and send them a nice note introducing yourself and your company in brief writing. Once you are connected, send them your company’s website and describe your services. Out of a hundred reach-outs, you will find on an average two to ten people who will show interest to know more about you. But with God’s blessing, you never know that you might get a big shot in a short time! There is always a chance that you will connect with somebody who will give you your first break in the industry.


Enter Productions can be your one-stop solution for launching a brand new startup or for promoting a company that is in the market for a long time. Enter Productions' creative and unique marketing strategy is sure to change the look of your company. To advertise your business on television or in print media, such as newspapers and magazines, or to spread your message elsewhere through video marketing and digital marketing techniques are what Enter Productions is specialized to do. Enter Productions has been serving many happy clients for several years.

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