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Video Marketing and TikTok in 2022

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

How often have you heard otherwise sensible and open-minded professionals from marketing agencies say that TikTok is "cringe stuff that young people do"? Well, that perception is changing much faster than anyone can keep track of, and we are here to tell you why. We are Enter Productions, a video production and marketing agency that helps you identify and utilize all the tools needed for digital bandwidth and recall for your brand online.

Why TikTok, and why it's never too late?

TikTok, at its core, is a platform fundamentally different from all its counterparts. It's a video-based content generation app that is powered by its users. Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, mostly limit their users to interacting with the content through reactions and comments, while TikTok allows them to create video content and link it back to your brand. Some say that the TikTok craze is slowing down and that they have missed the train, but nothing can be further from the truth. Tiktok has more than 1 billion users and is not showing signs of slowing down. So unless you’re a digital consciousness that’s interacting with this article in the year 3000, we’d highly recommend that you get a TikTok business account for your brand.

A few approaches to keep in mind

1. Study the existing trends and challenges and try to gel with them. TikTok is all about the trends. You won't be wrong in assuming that this is a universal strategy for pretty much any social media platform, but it's particularly effective for Tiktok. Find the trends your target audience is following and create content around it. E.g., If your TA is highly engaged with dance trends, create videos that show your employees taking up those dance challenges.

2. Be as “chill” as possible. TikTok is known for its laid-backness and rough-around-the-edges content, but that is also its strength. It's a platform that's full of consumer-generated content and allows you an insight into what kind of content they relate to best. Find the essence of your brand and communicate it as raw as possible. Drop your preconceived ideas of what high-quality digital content is and learn from your audience firsthand. challenges

3. Location location location, no, seriously, location! Drop your business location in all the videos you post or have a call-to-action. Ask your target audience to come and shoot their TikToks at the physical location of your business or the local area. Use location links in your captions and hashtags.

TikTok and Us:

Ask yourself this, even if a couple of months down the road you realize that TikTok is not the platform for your brand, what have you lost? Nothing. You still have generated content you can use on other social media platforms. The good news is, it won't ever come to that if you have us in your corner. Enter Productions is a Toronto-based video production company that also provides digital marketing service that helps you plan, strategize and execute everything digital that your brand needs. Let us have a look at your brand and come up with a complete road map for you.

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